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Fryer Oil Collection


Environmental Pump Services Inc. has been collecting grease and used cooking oil waste in Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties. We provide an efficient used cooking grease & expired cooking oil collection service recycling and repurposing of inedible kitchen grease. We are a fully licensed facility approved by the state, county and cities of California to safety collect and transport inedible grease waste from restaurants and other food servicing sites. We provide clean container storage to place your used cooking grease and efficient collection service.


Used cooking oils from the restaurant or food industry are categorized as a waste and can be a serious problem, particularly for plumbing as it does not disappear. Even though you have flushed it with hot water or soap, it will be a gel and change into solid residue in the form of thick layers inside drainpipes or sewage pipelines so that it can constraint water flow which negatively affects the business’ plumbing system or the city’s sanitary line. Indeed, it’s messy, smelly, miserable and expensive to clean up if not properly disposed.

Especially for the restaurant or food industry with the high rate of cooking oil consumption, pouring down the used cooking oil into the river or ocean will be a disaster as it brings negative effect toward the environment. Thus, regulations on the disposal systems, particularly on used cooking oil have been made and must be complied by every restaurant. Based on the code regulation, it is a must for every restaurant to recycle their used cooking oil by having it collected by a licensed IKG Hauling company. The restaurants which do not obey this regulation can have very costly fined or penalized, even the closing of the kitchen if it becomes habitual.


Every restaurant and food servicing establishment has different needs. Whether you are looking for a small storage can be stored under the sinks or outside the establishment we will have the right container for you. We provide different grease and used cooking oil containers depending on our clients’ needs and the amount of room that they have available. The sizes of containers we provide will vary from 25 gallons up to 500 gallons; please notes that the minimum amount of grease we will collect from any facility is a minimum of 25 gallons.


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