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Septic Services


Environmental Pump Services Inc. offers residential and commercial septic services in Sonoma, Marin and Napa Counties. We are a Diamond Certified Company, so you can be assured that the job is done right and completely the first time guaranteed! We DO NOT short pump or pump half the tank. Each tank is pumped out completely each service! You can also be assured that your septic tank waste is being taken to and treated by a state regulated facility for proper disposal.  

If your home or business is on a septic system, it is very important that your septic system is functioning at its optimal potential to keep things running smoothly. E.P.S’s septic tank service includes, but is not limited to a complete and thorough pump out… we rinse and rake out the bottom of the tank while cleaning, as to get it as clean as possible. At the end of each service, we will do a visual inspection of the tank and system and notate and let you know if there is anything concerning you should know about your system. We will also recommend a service schedule for your system based on your household or business’s occupancy and the size of your system based on industry standards to keep your system in check. So if you would like to get your septic system serviced, please call or email us today to schedule an appointment!! 


 An estimated one quarter of American households rely on a septic system to process their household waste so your septic system should be maintained on a regular basis. We encourage our customers to watch and converse with our team members during service to watch what we are doing, so we can educate them on the “what and what not to do” to their system to keep it running properly.  We want them to feel they received a thorough and complete service when we are finished. 

To avoid costly problems, you should be proactive about maintaining your property’s septic system. Like many household systems that aren’t readily visible to the eye, septic systems are easy to ignore. However, without proper maintenance, they can create costly repair situations for homeowners. In addition to the possibility of expensive service calls, lack of maintenance can lead to problems within the septic system itself.

Since the frequency of service can vary depending on the size of your tank and your household, E.P.S. will consult with you to determine an appropriate interval of your maintenance needs.



That depends on a few factors, including the size of the tank and number of people using it. For example, if your household only has two people, your tank may only need to be pumped once every seven to ten years, but if you have a household of four or more, it may need to be done every three to five years.


Yes. Whenever we clean a tank, we inspect it for cracks, broken pipes and any other problems that need to be addressed. That way, if a repair is needed, you can get it taken care of as soon as possible before other issues arise.


Yes. Based on the information we get when we service your tank for the first time, we’ll mail you a postcard to remind you when your tank is due for service.


Ask us about routine service for your peace of mind!


  • They came to me highly recommended, and I highly recommend them as well. They are reliable, friendly, and check in when they get here. They make sure to tell us when they are leaving.


  • They are really good. We have been using them for the last ten years, and they always do excellent work for us.

    Keith S.

  • They help do the buildings septic servicing and pumping for our restaurant. It is good to have a good and reliable pump and septic service company. They are always on time and do what they say.


  • They are very organized, and they always send me a reminder when my service is due, which is a big help for me. It cuts down on maintenance costs as well. They are proactive.


  • They're really good at working with customers. Their service is really good, and they actually are really good with dealing with a customers needs. Whether it's an emergency or otherwise, and with a pump service, you really need flexible people that want to help.

    Hanna P.

  • They service the septic for the property. They are good, reliable, and have good pricing. If we are having issues, they come out as soon as they have availability.